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Chrome Gold Camaro Vinyl Vehicle Wrap .jpeg


Vinyl Wraps and Customizations for Your Ride

What is Laced by J5?

Laced by J5 is a car customization business that offers quality vehicle wraps. We believe that car customization brings fun and personality to the vehicles that are essential to our every day lives.


What does it mean to "get laced"?

Laced often describes something that has been hooked up, made better, or made to stand out.  It is also used to describe someone who is well put together, looks good, or possesses extra flair or pungency. That is exactly what we do to your ride.

Who is J5?

The owner, Jonathan Rudd, is an Atlanta native and car enthusiast. Jon has been customizing his own vehicles and adding custom touches to his friends' cars for more than 15 years. In 2018 Jon decided to pursue his passion for this form of art by offering freelance vinyl installation services and in 2020 he opened the doors to his shop location in Stockbridge, GA--just 20 minutes south of the airport.

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